About Us

We Are The Difference

Be the Difference was created in 2019 following the suicide of a local young person which left the community in shock. In the weeks that followed the event it quickly became apparent that there was a dire lack of support available for anyone unable to wait for the NHS (up to 9 months at that time) or who could not afford to pay for private therapy themselves. During a 6am RockSpin class at The Studio, and thanks to David Bowie’s ‘Under Pressure’, Belinda Darley launched a fundraiser to help make a difference. Within days £6,000 had been raised and Be The Difference started to change lives.

Over the last 2 years we have managed to help over 120 people and have raised and spent over £30,000 on counselling fees. Every penny raised has been used to provide support for the people who need it the most, particularly during the last 12 months. There have been many cases of attempted suicide that we have been able to reach quickly and effectively. Thanks to the generosity of local supporters, we have not yet had to turn anyone away when they needed us.

We have a wonderful bank of therapists on whom we are able to call. They each have their area of specialty including psychotherapy, PTSD, children’s mental health etc and we have emergency professionals in place for the most urgent of calls. We also offer support to the family members which is vital for the ongoing treatment of the individual.

With our new charity status, we are now launching a range of support and wellbeing groups to help people struggling with their mental health. 

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Our Mission

Be The Difference was set up to support the mental and physical wellbeing of our local community, through private counselling sessions, support and wellbeing groups, exercise therapy and peer to peer support. We aim to build resilience and improve the individual’s quality of life, whilst recognising the need to support their family, carers and friends along their journey. We aim to reduce social isolation in our community by bringing people together and forming healthy support networks.

Our Goals

  • To provide instant access and support to those experiencing mental health problems without the need for a GP referral.
  • Ensure support is tailored to the individual and empower them to seek the right support, at the right time and from the right services.
  • Help to rebuild their resilience, self-esteem and confidence.
  • To promote good physical and mental wellbeing whilst treating everyone fairly, positively and with respect.
  • To increase awareness in the local community allowing everyone to reach out for support whether they are struggling themselves or need help to support a loved one.

Our Values

  • Hope – the belief that recovery is possible for every individual. We offer individuals encouragement and support to achieve their goals and make positive changes to their lives.
  • Access – without a referral to vital services to achieve an early and sustained recovery.
  • Passionate – we reflect a ‘can do’ approach and strive for excellence in everything we do. Driven by people with personal experiences of mental health conditions who will show love, understanding, care, and compassion always.
  • Pro-active – we create services, we make things happen, we get things done. We have the courage and perseverance to continue in the face of adversity and we do this with determination to find effective solutions.
  • Individualised – services tailored to your needs as we recognise everyone is different.
  • Empowering – encouraging the individual to actively take control to make choices about their life and seek the forms of support they require; practical, emotional, wellbeing and social support.
  • Supportive – we listen, we encourage, we care, we understand, and we are empathetic. We will discuss your needs and find the support most suitable to you.
  • Trust – co-production is at the heart of all we do. We form networking partnerships with other local organisations, charities and businesses built on confidence, trust, and mutual respect.

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